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Who is a pawn broker?

A pawnbroker is an individual who runs a business of offering secured loans by using customer's personal property as collateral. Hence, the person running the pawn shop is a pawnbroker. Pawnbrokers don't just provide loans, they also buy and sell merchandise from the customer or to the customer. Unlike what some hollywood movies present them as, pawnbrokers are actually business owners with a state issues licence to conduct their pawning business.

Are pawnshops trustworthy?

As the economy took a downturn, families an business owners started looking to pawn stores to get a safety net loan so as to cover their unexpected financial troubles. Thousands of American on a daily basis are falling in need of short-term, small dollar loans that are usually unavailable from banks or normal lenders. Due to various stores related to pawn shops that are blooming on the television industry, people are starting to realise that pawn stores are clean, well-lit business that are there to serve customers from all walks of life. But, a decent amount of people are still not sure regarding to how pawn stores do what they do, and what pawn loan is all about.


So how does a pawn loan work? Its pretty simple actually, a customer brings in an item of value, the pawnbroker will offer a loan based on the percentage of the item's estimated value. The broker will them keep the item until the customer repays the loan with the interest amount, and any additional fees that may be applied. Pawn stores are regulated by federal, state and local level. Hence you can rest assure that your item will be returned to you if you make all the payments. If the payments are not met, the pawnbroker obtains the legal possession of the item.

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